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JBS Specialist division deals with the more technically requiring aspects of the Defence Forces (Army, Garda, Navy, Civil Defence and NI, PSNI, NIPS) and EMS (Emergency Medical Services, including Firebrigade, Ambulance, Coastguard and Red Cross). JBS has 60 years experience supplying these sectors.

With 5 office & warehouse bases around the country, we are ideally located to ensure we are always close to hand.

JBS has extensive experience supplying the Irish Army (Army Kit bags) Garda (Body armour, ballistic vests, footwear, PPE, riot gear), PSNI, NIPS

This division has dedicated personnel who are experienced in the specialist needs of this sector. The following are just some of the projects that JBS have worked on to date:

• Ballistic Vests to An Garda Siochana (Police)
• Public Order equipment to An Garda Siochana (Police)
• Firefighters clothing to the Civil Defence
• Life jackets to Dept of Marine
• Flotation Suits to The Irish Naval service
• Firefighter Equipment to Irish Military
• Gas Detection equipment to Prison Service
• First Aid Equipment to An Garda Siochana (Police)
• Fall Arrest Equipment to Prison Service
• Aviation suits to Air Corps
• Flying Boots to Air Corps
• Aviation suits to Air Corps
• Flying Boots to Air Corps
• Slip Resistant Footwear to Irish Naval Service
• Rescue equipment to Civil Defence
• All equipment to Police Mountain Bike Unit
• Chainsaw Equipment to Police EMU division
• PPE to Police Forensic laboratory
• Specialist clothing to Army Ranger wing
• Clothing to Police on U.N. Duties
• Equipment to Police Air Support Unit

JBS Supplies EMS Requirements

• Clothing to Dublin Fire Brigade
• Clothing (Dress, Structural and FR undergarments) and radio comms sets to over a third of all Irish Fire Brigades
• Slip Resistant footwear to the Ambulance Service
• Clothing to the Ambulance Service
• Torches to Irish Coast Guard
• Boat packs to Irish Coast Guard
• Rescue Harness to Irish Coast Guard

Specialist Supplies by Product Range
JBS have shown time and time again, through independent research, to provide the highest levels of service to our customers. JBS is a proven, experienced supplier of technically complex Defence Forces and EMS equipment.  The range of specialist equipment that JBS Group has supplied in recent times covers the following areas:

Operational Uniform wear

• Uniform Tunic/ Blouson
• Specialist Units Uniforms
• Hi Viz outerwear
• Poloshirts
• T - Shirts
• DPM Rainsuits
• DPM Shirts
• DPM Trousers

Ballistic Equipment

• Ballistic Helmets
• Ballistic Vests
• Anti Stab Vests
• Raid Jackets

Public Order Equipment

• Public Order Coveralls
• Riot Shields
• Riot Helmets
• Body Armour
• Batons

Operational Footwear

• Leather Goretex military boots
• Public Order Footwear
• Uniform Operational Footwear
• Rubber / PVC Wellington
• Operational Safety Footwear
• Shoes for Crews anti slip shoes

Specialist Gloves

• Gore tex FR glove
• Kevlar gloves
• Military Trigger mitt Gloves
• Anti Riot Gloves
• Aviation Gloves
• Disposable nitrile gloves
• Disposable vinyl gloves

As well as

• Protective Eyewear
• First Aid Supplies
• Safety Torches
• Utility Belts
• Sportswear











Customer Care

JBS Head Office, Milltown Business Park, Milltown, Co. Monaghan, Ireland. ph: +353 47 76500