Window cleaning: how to do it and where to get your window supplies

Traditional window cleaning involves a bucket,  JA022021

or even simpler: JA1059,

soapy warm water, Micro fibre cloths JA021065 (or even better, a moon strip sleeve on a T bar), a squeegee and window rubber scraper as well as ladders and maybe some additional tools, such as a scraper, for more difficult marks or blemishes JA003055C

Waterproof neoprene gloves are also useful: PGL01GL .

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This old fashioned cleaning method is to firstly wash the window: Start from the top with a sponge and warm soapy water and then to wipe all that solution from the window.

Again, start at the top running across and back until all the glass is cleared, making sure to get into the corners. Blue Mila roll/garage is a great aid to polishing the glass after cleaning. The paper not only absorbs the moisture but removes the grime as well.  We know just the place to buy this: – JA10053

Stubborn stains may be removed with Fortisan Crystal Clear or a little vinegar solution before cleaning the whole pane of glass. Bird droppings may need soaking in warm water before they can be removed. Builders residue such as paint or cement and plaster will require a scraper. Care must be taken with a sharp scraper not to damage glass and window frames. In fact you should insist that your builder or decorator remove paint or plaster as they put it there in the first place. If it requires any white spirit then a paint retouch may be necessary.

Deionised water: for Professional Window Cleaners

Forthcoming EU legislation regarding the use of ladders will force the window cleaning professionals to use what is known as the “water fed pole” system using 100% pure deionised water. From the window cleaners point of view this reduces risk of accidents as the work is done while standing on the ground.

Why pure deionised water? Normal tap water contains chemicals such as calcium, fluoride or other salts that will leave streaks and spots on your window if left to dry naturally. In contrast, pure water dries spot free when left to dry in sunlight or the wind.

Pure water is created by a filtration process. This has the advantage of being environmentally friendly and eliminating the use of chemicals and detergents. Pure water has the capacity to absorb large amounts of dirt from your windows. The difference from a customer’s perspective is that initially windows are left wet, as opposed to traditional methods. This may seem a little disconcerting at first but the windows will dry spot free.

In addition to cleaning your windows the water fed pole system has the advantage of cleaning the frames at the same time.

NB If your windows are particularly grimy than using deionised water may take 2 or 3 cleans before they sparkle. Flakey and loose paint will also be removed from any frames.

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