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New legislation for Temporary Roadsigns

Wednesday, December 9th, 2009

New legislation is now effective in Ireland relating to road signs when doing road works. In essence, I understand this Chapter Eight legislation to mean that you have to have a minimum of 5 signs leading up to the place where you are conducting your road works, and 3 signs on the far side of the roadworks. The size of signs varies dependent on the road/motorway status, but 750 x 750mm cover all roads, except dual carriageways and motorways.

Who is affected? – county councils, utility companies such a ESB, Bord Gais, NTL, Eircom, Sky, Waterworks and all subcontractors doing works along the road side. (Yes, this even includes activities such as surveying, hedge clipping and “de flooding” an area and other emergency services activities).

With all these construction and maintenance bodies having to comply with the new chapter 8 legislation, isnt there a less cumbersome solution than having to carry half a van full of rigid heavy signs? Well, there is a simple, lightweight, flexible modular solution made by a brand called Tri Flex: these road signs are fully EN compatible and are made of flexible prismatic material that rolls up, taking up minimal space in the boot of car/van. The tripod base can hold any of the roll-up signs (600mm x 600mm or 750mm x750mm etc) from the comprehensive range of standard symbols. Its as simple as 1,2,3 . JBS has started selling these road safety signs and you can order them by contacting us, find our contacts here.