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Globus Gloves

Friday, November 7th, 2014

Established in 1995, Globus produce gloves for all types of working environments. Their 3 brands Showa, Best and Skytec showcase great quality for cut protection to secure handling, from heat protection to thermal gloves as well as disposables and gloves to fit many other specifications. Globus invented the disposable nitrile glove that many other brands have replicated in todays world of PPE. They are proud to be very customer-orientated and take the time to go to the end users of their products for feedback as well as asking what they want from a glove to put ideas into new productions to keep on the front line of hand protection.

When deciding which glove is right for the working situation, it is best to understand the 4 numbers that will be shown on any good spec sheet/description. They stand for Abrasion, Cut, Tear, Puncture. (All on a scale of 1 to 4 except Cut which ranges from 1 to 5).

For example, the below Showa 377 is which means it scores 4  out of 4 for abrasion resistance, 1 out of 5 for cut protection, 2 out of 4 for tear resistance and 1 out of 4 for puncture resistance.

The Showa 377 is one of their best sellers, the liner is immersed in Nitrile so it can’t get wet, the black coating is nitrile foam which is porous so will absorb moisture making it ideal for situations requiring good wet grip. The nitrile is robust and combined with foam makes it highly abrasion resistant.

Its warmer counterpart is the Showa 477, very similar to the 377 but with a thermal layer. These make a good alternative to leather driver style gloves and they have the added bonus of having no seams making them more comfortable.

For mechanical engineering jobs, the Skytec range is fantastic. The Skytec Idaho is ¾ dipped making it breathable which is good news for people who need to wear gloves at work for extended periods of time. The light material makes it great for dexterity.

The Skytec Argon is a lined, warmer version of the Idaho. It’s hydro repellent coating on the back of the knuckles keep hands dry from light liquid contact.

The Skytec Aria has great dexterity making it great for intricate work, is ¾ dipped providing limited liquid resistance while being breathable.

The Skytec Beta Red is another popular choice, due to the extreme lightweight material. It makes it more comfortable and allows even more dexterity and allows more nimble, detailed work. It also has the added bonus of being a nice bright red colour, aiding visibility.

The Skytec Sapphire is a cut level 3 glove with PU coating and is ultra lightweight, providing great dexterity. It’s so light and comfortable you can wear it all day without having to remove it. The strength of the material makes it strong rather than its thickness.

The Skytec Ultimus lite is a cut level 5 glove but is still light enough to be used for intricate assembly line work. It sports a re-enforced ‘thumb crotch’, giving extra protection for the area of your hand that is more likely to be injured. It also has a longer cuff to protect the main artery that may be at risk when wearing shorter gloves.

Globus are happy to say, they do extra testing on the 4 main safety criteria for gloves. They test areas of the glove outwith the main palm area to assure their customers that a cut 5 glove is safe to that level on the back of the glove and the fingertips.

Globus Innovation:

They are also on the fore front of developing new disposable gloves which are biodegradable but still have a shelf life of 5 years from production date. Globus have also produced the Showa 306, a next generation product, that is liquid proof but fully breathable. It is made of latex foam with a latex palm and the technology allows air to circulate inside the glove so the wearer doesn’t get too hot providing great comfort and flexibility.

The wide range of gloves available from Globus means that there is a glove out there for any type of working situation. For more information and products click on the below links: