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Polycarbonate cutlery and crockery

Monday, November 21st, 2011

JBS has a unique range of polycarbonate cutlery and crockery. We have been supplying this to institutional users for various years. The durability and resilience of these products has encouraged us to offer these products to a wider audience now.

As you can see from the video link, our polycarbonates are virtually indestructible; furthermore they withstand normal dishwashing temperatures, and uniquely, they are EN certified to food standards. These polycarbonate knives, forks , spoons, plates, tumblers, jugs and trays are typically used in the following areas:

Hospitals/healthcare/nursing homes
Detention centres, prisons
Army/Police/Emergency relief camps
Charity/temporary accommodation centres

These products are sturdy, proven in over 50 years use and are long lasting (typically over 3 years). They are more cost effective than disposable cups and cutlery, as well as being a green, environmentally sustainable alternative

To view and purchase our range of polycarbonate cutlery and crockery, visit our online shop here