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Carbon Monoxide (CO) Detector

Tuesday, November 30th, 2010

Ei204 Carbon Monoxide Alarm
The following article in the Irish Times last week, shows how lethal carbon monoxide is. Whereas over 90% of Irish households now have a fire alarm, less than 20% have a carbon monoxide alarm. This is mostly due to lack of awareness. Following the article we give tips on how to prevent carbon monoxide poisoning and a link to buy Carbon Monoxide (CO) detectors online at JBS.

The Irish Times –Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Toxic gas alarms should be mandatory, inquest told
TOM SHIEL in Castlebar

A MAN whose 20-year-old son died in bed on Christmas morning 2008 after inhaling gas central heating emissions has called on Minister for the Environment John Gormley to make carbon monoxide alarms compulsory in all new homes.
Cathal Hughes, a businessman based in Westport, Co Mayo, told an inquest in Castlebar his son Padraig would still be alive if his gas provider had not withheld information on the availability of such alarms.
“I never knew such an alarm existed,” Mr Hughes said in a statement which was read to the inquest by his legal representative, Eoin Garavan.
Padraig Hughes was found dead in bed at about 9.30am on December 25th, 2008. His twin sister, Emma, who later made a full recovery, was unconscious in bed in an adjacent room.
Yesterday’s inquest, which was conducted by the coroner for south Mayo, John O’Dwyer, heard carbon monoxide had entered both bedrooms through a fractured flue pipe while the Hughes family were asleep at their home at Rosbeg, Westport.
At the conclusion of the hearing, Mr Garavan read the statement by the victim’s father, in which he stated that in 20 years of receiving supplies from his gas provider he had never once received literature about the availability of carbon monoxide alarms.
He continued: “Contrast this with how British Gas – the biggest provider of carbon monoxide alarms in Britain – operates.
“For gas companies to withhold safety information on such an important issue reflects badly on the people who run these companies. My son would be alive today if this information was not withheld.
“There is no regulation in relation to gas installations in Ireland. How many people have to die before the Minister for the Environment regulates and in particular makes it a regulation that these alarms are installed in all new homes?”
Mr Hughes warned: “The issue will not be going away.“People should be made aware of the safety issues. Withholding safety information is not an option.
“It is time the Minister and the department started to regulate on gas installation. No other family should have to go through what we experienced on Christmas morning, 2008.”
The coroner returned a verdict of accidental death.


There are several precautions you can take to help protect you and your family from Carbon Monoxide poisoning:

  • Check the colour of gas flames: if it’s blue it’s normal, if it’s yellow this indicates a problem with the appliance in question.
  • Obstructing ventilation of a heating appliance to prevent draughts does more harm than good so make sure vents and filter areas are kept clear.
  • Make sure your boiler and gas heating systems are checked regularly and serviced annually.
  • Look for discolouration and staining around pilot lights and fire places as this is often a sign of the incomplete burning of fuel.
  • Make sure that gas and heating appliances and systems are installed by a RGII/Gas Safe registered and approved engineer.
  • Properties with working chimneys should make sure chimney flues are swept regularly.
  • Buy a Carbon Monoxide alarm so wherever you are in the home you are alerted to a Carbon Monoxide leak.

JBS supplies the Ei204 Carbon Monoxide alarm:- a portable battery powered alarm that detects both high and low levels of Carbon Monoxide and can be placed anywhere around the home. The alarm uses an electrochemical cell sensor which checks Carbon Monoxide concentration in the air every 50 seconds. Even whilst asleep, the Ei204 can help protect you and your family from the dangers of Carbon Monoxide. The Ei204 features a low and high Carbon Monoxide level indicator and horn to warn users of any Carbon Monoxide in the atmosphere. The Ei204 alarm carries third party approvals (EN50291 is available online, Contact Us.

MyClyns Personal Protection Spray

Tuesday, November 23rd, 2010

MyClyns Personal Protection Spray Logo

MyClyns – the only non alcohol protection against open wound infection.

On a daily basis, healthcare workers come in contact with potentially infectious incidents; Similarly, prison officers, EMS personnel such as police officers, firefighter and prison officers are at risk of being infected due to exposure to contagious germs from MRSA, HIV1, C. Diff, Hepatitis C, TB and more than 60 other germs.

How do you best protect yourself from the risk of infection?

When exposure to infection occurs, response time is critical. So a solution that is effective, simple and portable is crucial.

MyClyns allows you protect yourself immediately after exposure to harmful pathogens, while still attending to the situation at hand. Because of its unique and convenient pen design, it can be used with only one hand.

Microsoft Office Outlook - Memo Style

MyClyns is effective against Blood, Vomit, Urine, Saliva, Faeces and other bodily fluids.

MyClyns is

1) Safe to use on the face (including nose, mouth, eyes, open wounds etc)

2) Portable, neat and convenient

3) Clear and doesn’t stain

4) Alcohol free and non-flammable

5) Non-irritating, non sensitising, pH Neutral, fragrance free.

MyClyns kills over 99.99% of harmful pathogens.

The list of viruses, bacteria, fungi and spores that MyClyns kills, includes: MRSA, HIV1, C. Diff, Hepatitis C, TB, Gonorrhoeae, Meningitis, Herpes Simplex (HSV-1), Human Flu (H1N1),  Avian flu ( H3N2 A)  and more than 60 other germs.

MyClyns is currently used internationally by officers in the Police,  EMS & Fire, Defence Forces, Prison services healthcare, education and sports.

MyClyns Units Pic

MyClyns is distributed exclusively by

For volume discounts and further information on MyClyns, contact JBS Group on + 353 47 76500

With MyClyns, you protect yourself immediately

Colour Coded Cleaning Equipment

Thursday, November 18th, 2010

JBS Group has introduced a complete range of colour coded cleaning equipment – in line with the standard colour coding from the British Institute of Cleaning Science. The logic of colour coding is simple: use different coloured products in different areas and avoid cross contamination.

Red:            Washrooms
Yellow:    Clinical/medical/healthcare areas
Green:      General food/bar, catering
Blue:         Low risk areas

JBS has the full range of colour coded cloths, mopping equipment and brushes in our e-catalogue and our online shop.

Colour Coding for Cleaning Industry